The Future of the Luxury Industry

Cognizant supports LuxForward, an innovation project for the luxury industry which enables luxury industry executives to discuss future paths with their peers and explore new paths with start-ups worldwide

LuxForward is a premium program, that takes the luxury industry pulse and aims at enabling innovation exchange based on the Delphi method.

It is tailored to enable luxury brands discover key innovations that could support their business goals. In essence, it is a peer-group cross-industry initiative, driven by the active participation of a dozen luxury industry leaders.

The LuxForward program consists of insight questionnaires, meet-ups, workshops, and start-up scouting tailored to the identified trends and developments.

This report summarises the insights gained in the first phase of the initiative, which focuses on discovering the challenges, ideas, and needs.

The structured, iterative process aims to create experts’ consensus and pinpoint the forces that provide leavers to propel the industry forward.

Read this report to:

  • Understand key pain points in the luxury industry.
  • Learn about the opportunities and implications of deploying innovative technologies in the luxury sector.

To download this report click here.

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