LuxForward Award 2021 Finalists

LuxForward Award finalists announced: strong cohort focusing on circularity and new ownership models!

High interest among start-ups and scale-ups, driven primarily by the possibility to get in contact with the Jury members

Lugano, September 21, 2021 – Loomish, the Swiss based investment management firm, announced the finalists of the competition promoting top-notch solutions that can help luxury brands in achieving their sustainability goals, focusing on Circular Design and New Ownership Models.

All applications were assessed by a prestigious jury <insert link > represented by the most important individuals leading the Luxury Industry today.

Almost 100 applications were submitted and the selection was very tough.

Twelve finalists were selected to pitch for the LuxForward Award 2021, sponsored by Cognizant, in front of the leading executives from Bally, Breitling, Cucinelli, Design Holding, Dufry, Hugo Boss, MSC Cruises, Richemont, The How Consulting, Timex, Tod’s, Valentino, Versace, Zegna, among others.

The finalists of the LuxForward Award 2021 – four in each of the four categories – are:



Location: Santa Clara, US

Cappasity lets companies create and deliver 3D/AR experiences to blur the line between online and in-store shopping. It is the first scalable and easy-to-adopt solution for complex e-commerce projects that only takes 3 minutes/SKU to create a 3D and embed it into a store.


Location: Castelnau-le-Lez, France

Emersya develops an end-to-end online platform to streamline product development, marketing & production workflows, using our advanced Interactive 3D & AR technology. Using Emersya’s online 3D solution reduces the need for physical samples and the manufacturing of prototypes.


Location: New York, United States

Obsess is an e-commerce platform, enabling luxury brands globally to serve highly interactive, visual, and creative digital shopping experiences. Utilizing VR technology, Obsess creates photorealistic virtual stores and virtual showrooms, that are available on a web link and don’t require a headset or an app to view.


Location: Milan, Italy

TwinOne has developed a 3D software for Instant Creativity, based on visual digitalization and instant replication, designed to support and enable companies to reconfigure and accelerate their pipeline from the very first steps of the creative momentum to the final product.



Location: Porto, Portugal

PlatformE is on a mission to eliminate overproduction working as an end-to-end platform accelerating Fashion towards on-demand manufacturing. Our services and technology streamline e-fashion across the value chain enabling Fashion Brands to create their items, sell them and only produce them after the point of purchase with integrated access to their entire production chains. 

Location: Porto, Portugal

Smartex system provides a plug & play solution, consisting of a set of cameras that use AI and computer vision to detect defects, as well as automatically inspect and trace 100% of the textile roll. Fabric images and production data are uploaded to a cloud server, creating a “digital twin” of the entire production.


Location: Hong Kong

TextileGenesis creates traceability from fiber origin to retail for all sustainable materials (e.g. organic cotton, recycled polyester) with “Fibercoins” blockchain technology. TextileGenesis creates a digital twin for sustainable viscose or recycled-PET at source minting Fibercoins in direct proportion to the mass of fiber produced.


Location: Stockholm, Sweden

TrusTrace is a SaaS platform for supply chain traceability and transparency, enabling brands to track compliance and communicate sustainability.



Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lalaland uses AI to create synthetic humans for fashion brands. Lalaland empowers brands and retailers to capture the diversity of humankind by showcasing collections on AI-humans that actually look like all their target customers.


Location: Paris, France

Lizee offers SaaS and white label services to brands and retailers to launch them into the circular economy through the rental and second-hand sale of their products in just a couple of weeks.


Location: London, UK

Rotaro is an industry leading sustainable fashion rental platform that focused on technological innovation to empower brands on their rental journey through a rental marketplace and white-label offering.

The Fabricant 

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Fabricant is the world’s first digital fashion house, making innovative and compelling 3D garments and fashion narratives that are entirely non-physical.

Learn more about the LuxForward Award here.

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