Accenture, Bally & Loomish: Startup Challenge

Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center: Accenture, Bally, Loomish join forces to innovate the dress footwear industry with the introduction of new technologies:

Implementing Made to Measure process using 3D scanning technologies.

The luxury fashion brand Bally together with Accenture and the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center team up in Lugano, in a quest for innovative solutions in the 3D scanning for the footwear industry.

Lugano, July 16th – Bally, the luxurious Swiss fashion brand, collaborated with Accenture and LTCC with a mission to innovate the footwear industry. The project aims to find the best solution for 3D feet scanning which could be used by the brand to improve customers’ experience in finding the best fitting pair of shoes. For this purpose, a challenge between international startups was launched.

The Challenge is a call for mature startups and innovative B2B and B2B2C service providers, with the focus on two particular areas: 

  • 3D Scanning solutions which allow capturing of foot measurements
  • Size Matching Solutions which are able to understand, starting from foot measurements, which size for a certain shoe model would best fit

After accurate scouting of over 30 startups, only 5 were selected. They will join the Demo Day which will take place in Manno, Lugano on the 20th of July. These selected startups are:

The challenge will consist of having each startup presenting their technology and showing their demo. There will be 2 testers who would have previously measured their feet and found the perfect shoe size for one selected Bally shoe model. The accuracy of the startups’ solutions will be based on the match of their results with the ones of the 2 testers.

A winner will be selected, and this will have the opportunity to start a commercial discussion with Bally for a full proof of concept.

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