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M&A (partner)

Our M&A advisory services include consultancy around pitchbook/information memorandum preparation for startups, accompanying founders in this process, as well as assisting with digital due diligence. Valuations and transactional issues are managed through our network of qualified partners.

Go-to-market support

Through our network of partners, we are perfectly positioned to provide go-to-market support for any digital or fashion company interested in entering the Swiss market. Services include legal/fiscal advisory, office space, market insights, etc.

Digital due diligence (partner)

We are specialised in providing all-encompassing digital due diligence on behalf of funds/holdings/corporates interested to buy a specific digital business.

Open innovation

We work with fashion brands on dedicated innovation scouting projects, helping them resolve their concrete business needs by searching for, evaluating and introducing to them best-of-breed start-ups that can help them innovate efficiently.

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