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#SustainableAfter, Episode 2

As the industry is about to hit its post-WWII historic low, brands brace themselves for a hard year in a survival mode. Those that will come out thriving out of this crisis will use this time to redefine what they want to stand for in the new world, to address the new needs of their customers and – most hopefully – to reorganise their business in order to finally be able to fully walk that talk.

Muchaneta Kapfunde, Founder & Editor at
Renana Krebs, Co-Founder & CEO at Algalife (
Kresse Wesling MBE, Co-Founder at Elvis & Kresse (

#SustainableAfter, Episode 1

Right now, the economic outlook for the fashion industry is not a happy one. Yet, today more than ever, we mustn’t lose focus on the sustainability commitment the sector declared less than a year ago. Although dramatic, the Covid19 crisis could actually be an opportunity to reassess major issues and start making fundamental changes to fashion.

Scouting for sustainable solutions with Bally

In collaboration with Loomish SA, Swiss luxury brand Bally is looking for mature start-ups dedicated to developing initiatives that actively address the burning issues of sustainability in the fashion industry.