#SustainableAfter, Episode 6

“Sustainability is not something that brands can do individually; it requires a collaborative effort.”
In conversation with Irene-Marie Seelig, Forbes 30 Under 30 Sustainability & FashionTech Leader, Speaker
Robert Luo, CEO at Mi Terro/ Forbes Under 30 Scholar.

#SustainableAfter, Episode 5

The ‘traditional’ multichannel roles during this crisis have shifted: while much of physical retail has been shut down across the world, ecommerce has experienced a boom.

In conversation with Anna Maria Rugarli, Sustainability and Responsibility Senior Director EMEA, VF Corporation, Francisco Sousa Pimentel, Co-Founder, Springkode, Portugal, and Rajul Jain, CEO & Co-Founder at Increff (Incredible Efficiency), India.